Productivity Hacks Aren’t What They’re Made Out To Be

A desk with multiple devices arranged for maximum productivity

You know what sounds cool at first glance? Productivity habits. You know how long they’re cool for? Probably two days or so.

For the past few years, I’ve adopted every hack from early wake-ups to meditation, all in the name of growth. And that has given me some fodder to discuss today’s topic.

Here’s a quick preview: It’s not about the what, but the why. Cliche, huh?

Anyway, after a long stretch of trial and error, I now present you with my thoughts on these popular hacks.

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I Fell Into A Life Rut And This Is What It’s Taught Me

Life Rut Woman Chairs - Laura Chouette

Once in a while, I’m reminded that just because I’ve set goals doesn’t mean it’s a straight shot to the podium. Case in point: that time I thought I’d win my division in a jiu-jitsu competition.

I trained twice a day for months leading up to it. And that’s discounting the years I’d invested in the sport beforehand.

I lost the first round. My coach, sensing my disappointment in travelling all the way to Japan just to have an anti-climactic end, said: “Well, you either win or you learn.”

Those words have become a meme in the jiu-jitsu community, but they still ring true. In life, you could either succeed in your plans, or you could figure out why you didn’t.

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You Want WordPress Tips? I’ve Got WordPress Tips.


I think Google is trying to corral the way we think. You wanna know why? Because a search on ‘WordPress tips’ returns results like ‘install Analytics’ or ‘use plug-ins’.

But what about the users among us? What if you’re blogging for fun instead of e-commerce? And do I really need Analytics if I only have 10 visitors a month?

That’s why today I’m presenting you with the old wives’ tales version of WordPress tips. We’re not going to do what big corporations tell us to, no.

Instead, we’ll be covering WordPress tips for personal bloggers, by a personal blogger.

So get your chicken soup and Vicks ready, because we’re about to dive down the WordPress equivalent of sleeping with onions in your socks.

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How Drafting Longhand Can Enhance Your Writing


You know how you try clothes on before deciding what to wear on a date? Do you iron those clothes before holding them in the mirror? I hope not, because that’ll be like undoing your pants to fart.

Yet that’s how most writers tend to approach the first draft. They iron their clothes, spritz on a bit of perfume, and have their makeup ready—all before knowing what they’re going to wear.

So today we’re going to talk first drafts. But we’re not going to talk just any first draft. We’re going to check out the benefits of drafting longhand.

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I Eat Only One Meal A Day And It’s Not As Extreme As It Seems


After a few years of 16:8 fasting, I’ve decided to transition into one meal a day (OMAD). I say 16:8, but I was fasting 18–20 hours a day on average, which is why OMAD was just a small step up.

And surprisingly enough, it’s much easier than the articles online make it out to be. So after a month of OMAD to date, I thought I’d share my experience to those interested in fasting.

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