How To Raise Your Vibration To Better Handle Your Life Problems

How to raise your vibration: Singing bowls for sound bath with the title: Change the way you look at life

You may think I’ve lost the plot. What’s all this talk about raising your vibration and frequency? Am I promoting magic crystals? Chakra healing? Soul rejuvenation?

No need to hide your credit cards. I’m not selling sound bowls. Yet. Today’s post is simply brought to you by my problems, or my perception of them, at least.

You see, I’ve been stuck at a crossroads, especially when it comes to my career. But it’s through these struggles that I’ve learned how you can look at a problem from two different perspectives.

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How To Deal With The Highs And Lows Of Life

Two people standing before a wall with decision workflow

So I posted about being in a rut not too long ago, and I have to admit, it’s been a challenge trying to claw my way back out. But that’s life for you, right? A constant journey of highs and lows?

Sometimes, Low Me just barges into my life like an unwanted relative. But I can’t just close the door on him, because that’d mean closing the door on High Me too.

That’s why we’ll be exploring the things you should do when you reach either side of the spectrum, who shall henceforth be known as High You and Low You.

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Just Me In Good Humour About Turning 40

A woman with short, grey hair

I wrote a version of this post before, but that was about lessons. Unfortunately, learning isn’t on the agenda today. Instead, I’m just going to rant.

And while I have quite a few months ahead before my big four-oh, I thought I’d get a head start on what I think about turning 40.

Is this going to be a useful post? Probably not. Will it help you find solace? Maybe. What’s most important is the realisation that we’re all on a one-way journey. So we best make fun of ourselves while we can.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

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What Seven Years Of Jiu-Jitsu Have Taught Me About Life

BJJ Lessons Win - Jonathan Borba

It’s a rare thing to come across fellow grapplers here on WordPress, so it was a treat meeting someone like Betsy, who shares her exploits on the mats in a much more entertaining way than I can.

So instead of story time, I figured I’d go with something truer to my style, as demonstrated in my Lessons Learned From Climbing post.

Without further ado, let’s go ahead and explore the lessons I’ve learned from my seven odd years I’ve spent grappling.

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Why You Should Plan Your Days The Night Before

Plan Journal - Lauren Sauder

You know how optimistic you feel at night, and you tell yourself tomorrow’s going to be different?

Maybe you’ll wake up before sunrise for once. Maybe even go for a run. And that’s the least ambitious thing you can think of.

Then the next day rolls around and all your dreams fall victim to the snooze button, sometimes quite literally.

That tends to happen a lot when you start your day without a plan. In a previous post, I mentioned the benefits of planning your day ahead of time, and I still do believe in its powers.

My planned days unfold much smoother than my unplanned ones, for some reason. It’s almost as if the universe acknowledges my efforts to live better. There must be a magic to this. And it’s this magic that we’ll be exploring today.

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