Why Doing Things Badly Helps You Achieve Your Life Goals

Asian man walking towards his

“Anything worth doing is worth doing badly.” Thank you GK Chesterton for that.

With that one sentence, you’ve taught me that taking action without perfection could very well be my gateway to a new habit, that million-dollar book deal, or my dream job (that I’ve yet to determine).

You’ve also taught me that the doubts I’m feeling when writing this article doesn’t really matter. Because writing is worth it. Thus it’s worth doing badly.

So, you ready for a badly-written article? Because I know I am.

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How To Craft The Best Morning Routine So You Can Crush Your New Year’s Resolutions

The best morning routine breakfast, with coffee and cereal reading a magazine

Here we go again. It’s that time of the year when hope is high and resolutions are abound.

It’s the time when posts like ‘I’m On Track’ and ‘Achieving My Dreams’ litter the Reader, and I don’t blame anyone, because I too am feeling the promise of the New Year.

But before we go on seeking the perfect goals to commemorate 2022, let’s not forget the more important thing involved here—doing the actual work.

And you know what’s the most reliable way to launch you into a day’s worth of work? A solid morning routine.

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How My 15 Minutes Of Fame Didn’t Help My Writing (And Lessons Learned From ‘Being Famous’)

Man in leather jacket and beard raising his hands

I remember back in 2019 when I was drafting my debut novel Tinhead City, KL, and I had this brief thought of how cool it would be to be featured on my local radio station (Business FM).

I knew that the radio station had a ton of shows on literature and the local arts scene, and it was a passing fancy to one day be interviewed for my book.

Pretty ambitious, if you ask me. I hadn’t even passed the 20,000-word mark yet.

But you know what? That dream would come true in 2021, and what it’d teach me isn’t the fact that interviews are so much worse when you’re on the receiving end of it (I used to be the one doing the interviewing), but that nobody really cares that you made the news.

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10 Blogging Mistakes You Need To Avoid Doing On WordPress

A woman showing her palm at a man's face at a beach

Okay let’s take the mickey out of serious writing and explore some things I’ve personally declared as ‘blogging mistakes you need to avoid’, thanks to the 18 or so months I’ve spent on the WordPress Reader.

Read enough blog posts and you start to see a pattern. Sometimes said patterns are pleasant, like the blogger who asks thoughtful questions at the end of their posts.

Other times, I find myself wondering if I’m turning into a WordPress geezer, yelling at people to get off my (digital) lawn.

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