About Me

Hi! Great to have you here

I’m a Malaysian-based writer, and I harbour a deep passion for the written word. How does this benefit you, you ask? Well, I worry about weird spelling (the plural for aircraft is aircraft), Oxford commas, and em dashes—so that you don’t have to.

It doesn’t matter if you need copy for a ten-page article or a newspaper ad—as long as you need top-notch writing, I’m your guy.

The need for quality writing

Great writing matters, because that’s how you gain trust. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed many businesses—even multinationals—being content (heh) with representing themselves through subpar copy and careless typos.

Here, check out this article on BBC News. Apparently, one typo can cut your online sales in half, and that’s just the beginning. An average website gets thousands to millions of visitors a month. How many of those are you losing to bad copy?

I’ll take care of it

With over 8 years’ experience in the publishing industry, I can offer solutions for all your writing needs. As a writer in the no-niche niche, I can craft work for every purpose across various industries. It doesn’t matter if you’re from corporate, a startup founder, an agency, are based overseas, or if you’re simply looking for a few quick words—I’ve got you covered.

Living the life

A huge chunk of my career has been built on lifestyle articles. These include travel features, fashion columns, hotel reviews, and random fun topics.

Speaking of which, the works I’m most proud of are when I travelled to India to write about the warriors of kushti, lived with the highland tribes of Vietnam, and participated in a mini-duathlon despite not knowing how to swim.

What about personality interviews? I’ve got loads of that too (1, 2).

On a more serious note

Need to take care of business? I can do that. I’ve written a few business articles and press releases. If you need internal communications writing, I can help as well.

I also have experience working with official bodies such as MAJECA (Malaysia-Japan Economic Association) and SCORE (Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy), among many others.

Digitally fit

It goes without saying that all digital articles today need some form of search engine optimisation. I’ve helped NEXT Academy (of which most bylines are now replaced with Zoe Lim) and SwitchUp rank on the front page of Google with these keywords:

be a coder
passive income ideas computer skills
coding bootcamp interview
digital nomad jobs
rookie digital marketing mistakes
benefits of being a digital marketer

Try typing them in Google to see if the articles appear on the first page for you as well!

Email marketing sequences, website copy, chatbot scripts, and video subtitling are among the huge variety of work I’ve also produced in the digital space.

So social

Besides being just another writer in Malaysia, I’m also well-versed in social media marketing, often creating entire campaigns from scratch. During my time as a Content Manager for Malaysia Airlines, I had written social posts of varying tonalities across their social media platforms, be it for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Short and sweet

Not everything I’ve written was in long-form. I’ve created short copy for print, websites, radio, and videos as well. Here are a couple (1, 2) of examples for you.

Letters to the editor

Need some editing work done? I’ve proofread entire magazines and pullouts for a living, and my latest gig had me editing work sent in by creative agencies to ensure their presentability and a consistent voice.

Work with me

Like what you see? Great! I like you too. Check out my portfolio for further reading, or reach out through my contact details below.


Facebook: @storystuey
Instagram: @storystuey
LinkedIn: @stuartdanker
Email: stu@stuartdanker.com

Stuart is a writer in the no-niche niche and has been in the publishing industry for eight years.

He’s recently signed a book deal for a cyberpunk novel and is expected to publish in April 2021.