Can Unfinished Tasks Worsen Your Procrastination?

Someone writing their to-do list in a grid notebook

You know that feeling when you see a grimy spot on the wall but you never get around to cleaning it?

What about when your stash of oats is running low, yet you always delay your trip to the supermarket?

Or my personal favourite, knowing you have work to do, yet somehow being able to fill your time with useless crap like YouTube and Instagram?

Welcome to the world of attention residue, or more specifically, the reason why you get that nagging feeling to complete unfinished tasks and why it can worsen your procrastination.

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How Running Is Like Writing, And Why You Should Embrace Them Both

Woman running on a foggy day

Six years ago, I wrote a post connecting the two wonderful worlds of writing and running, and a lot has changed since then.

For starters, I’ve actually maintained a steady schedule for more than a year now, compared to the sporadic posts I used to put up when I was ‘in the mood’. Also, I’ve started running a lot more.

That’s why I feel that I’ve garnered the necessary experience to revisit this topic, which means you get to be the judge on whether or not I’ve actually grown in the past six years.

So scroll ahead and enjoy version two of this post. Go on. Run along now.

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Here Are Some (Not So) Secret Tips To Coming Up With More Writing Ideas

Writing Ideas Shh - Kristina Flour

Ah, the mystical topic of writing ideas. Where do they come from?

Are they really messages from the universe, ones that we pass through us like radio waves through receivers? Are they the products of our muse, spiritual beings who bestow us with their gifts at their whim and fancy? Or do we simply think our ideas into reality?

Nobody knows, really.

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Want To Sell Words For Money? These Are Your Possible Paths.

Words For Money: Man in formal shirt

If you told me ten years ago that I could trade words for money, I’d have asked you to keep your ‘you can do anything’ speech to yourself.

Maybe it’s because I grew up without the internet, or maybe the industry was fraught with gatekeeping, but that’s probably why I’d stumbled from one bad career to another without giving writing a second thought.

It took going through multiple disasters before I finally took a chance in writing. And the rest, as they say, is history. Or was history. Shit, I sell words for a living and I still can’t choose between the two tenses.

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