Don’t Decide Anything Until You Do This

Woman sitting on stairs with hand on her mouth, thinking.

Here’s a rundown of my typical morning: I’d wake up, make myself some coffee, sit on the couch, then just stare off into space while I finish the coffee. Once I’m done with that, I start exercising.

What usually happens during coffee time is me pondering the day ahead, thinking about what I’d like to achieve. But somewhere in the back of my mind—like Instagram running in the background on your phone—is me convincing myself that I deserve a break from working out.

I used to listen to that voice. A lot. Thankfully, through lots of trial and error, I’ve discovered a better alternative: to delay all my decisions until I’ve started on the activity in question. Hence this topic.

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How To Make The Most Out Of Every Day (Even The Bad Ones)

A man staring off into the sunrise at the shore

So life has seen fit to bless me with some good changes in life, with one particular shakeup being a new career trajectory.

But that also means less time for my blog and novels—especially for staring out the window and pondering the next sentences in my story.

These days it’s just bam-bam-bam. Got a blog idea? Bang out those few paragraphs any time I can. A new plot direction? Put it on paper first and think about it later.

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Why You Should Keep Yourself In Check Before You Actually Need To

Two rows of karate students sitting in kneeling pose

Self-discipline is tough for many reasons. Sometimes, the task itself is a challenge. Other times, it’s our life circumstances. But one way we can make things better is through preparations, and there’s no better way to prep than by examining our failures.

I’m sure you’ve heard the quote about sharpening your axe for hours so that the actual tree chopping will take less time.

Yes, you could venture off into the forest, wielding a rusty axe, not knowing what wood you’re looking for, and still come home with some timber, but wouldn’t it be better to know how much wood you need, where to get it, and how, before even stepping out the door?

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Get More Done With The MVP Mindset

MVP Mindset Dive - Ethan Elisara

We used to throw the term MVP (minimum viable product) around a lot during my time in the tech industry.

No, it doesn’t mean most valuable player. But yes, you could very well turn into an MVP of life if you read on.

We used to come up with MVP products all the time. Most times our digital skills courses were simply a hodgepodge of cookie-cutter subjects, which were then culled and filled as new needs arose.

But the power of MVP isn’t just confined to tech or business. It applies to everyday life as well. So let’s explore how this technical (and boring-sounding) jargon can improve your daily decisions.

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