I’ve detailed some of the more prominent jobs I’ve done throughout my career. Just click on the images or links to read more. You can find a larger—and non-exhaustive (because it’s hard to keep track of every single piece)—list of my work at the bottom of this page.

travel 3Sixty: Wrestling in India

As a grappler myself, I was stoked to receive this assignment. I caught a glimpse of the kushti way of life and how the warriors went about their training. I literally grappled with this amazing assignment.

Pehalwan Portfolio Image - Stuart Danker

travel 3Sixty: Keep column and carry on

Columns also make up a healthy part of my career. I had some five columns to my name in the travel magazine, ranging from fashion, to event listings, to AirAsia’s corporate news. Not your typical advice columns.

Off The Rack November 2016 (travel 3Sixty) - Stuart Danker

Malaysia Airlines: Punchy ad copy

As a Content Manager for Malaysia Airlines, I basically had a hand in everything to do with words. Short ad copy for entire campaigns were one of them. Ad-ing it up.

Short copy (MAB print ads) - Stuart Danker

New Straits Times: Various articles

I’ve had a long history with this national newspaper, dating from my first gig in a publishing house up to the days of being a stringer. Here are the articles I’ve written for NST. Not fake news.

NST Various Stories - Stuart Danker.png

The Star: China advertorial

Here’s a medium that breaks away from the typical editorial assignments. This advertorial, written for another local newspaper, was to generate awareness on some of the Chinese destinations we were looking to push. Made in for China.

Fuzhou Pic Advertorial - Stuart Danker.png

NEXT Academy: Press release for the media

When NEXT Academy announced it was going to accept Bitcoin payments, they wanted everyone to know about it. This press release helped them get featured by online news portals such as Vulcan Post and e27, as well as local TV news channels. Check out these pressing matters.

NEXT Academy Press Release - Stuart Danker.png

NEXT Academy, SwitchUp, CILISOS, HealthWorks: Online articles

My blog aside, I’ve written digital stories for various companies, and in recent years, have begun to learn about the importance of SEO as well as online readability. Here are some of them. It’s almost like blogging.

Online Articles - Stuart Danker.png

Malaysia SME: Business stories

I wrote mostly for the property and IT sections during my time with this business paper. Check these articles out if you want to sample something of a more formal tone. The business of business writing.

MSME Articles - Stuart Danker.png

Various: Official contributions

A lot of my commissions come from official bodies such as MAJECA (Malaysia-Japan Economic Association) and SCORE (Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy). If you like corporate stuff, then these are for you. Serious work for serious folks.

MAJECA JAMECA - Stuart Danker.png

More published work

Update as of 23 May 2020: Yeah the server’s permanently gone, which is a good lesson to always back up your work. Thankfully, I have entire issues stored in my drive, but can’t find the time to splice each one and upload them. If you’d like to read the articles below (which I doubt), just reach out to me and I’ll gladly send them to you.

Update as of 28 Feb 2019: travel 3Sixty pieces are currently unavailable due to their server migration. Will download the soft copies individually, which will take some time to compile. Sorry about that.

travel 3Sixty° – Downstream Discovery (FEATURE)
travel 3Sixty° – Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson
travel 3Sixty° – Padma Hotel Bandung
travel 3Sixty° – Belmond La Résidence Phou Vao

travel 3Sixty° – Soul Magic (FEATURE)
travel 3Sixty° – The Henry Hotel Manila
travel 3Sixty° – Le Méridien Saigon
travel 3Sixty° – Plantation Bay Resort And Spa
travel 3Sixty° – Biking Through The Ages (FEATURE)
travel 3Sixty° – Rose Garden Hotel Yangon
travel 3Sixty° – Changing The World (FEATURE)
travel 3Sixty° – Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre
travel 3Sixty° – Four Seasons Langkawi
travel 3Sixty° – Furama Resort Da Nang
travel 3Sixty° – Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort
travel 3Sixty° – The Royale Bintang Penang
travel 3Sixty° – The Club

CILISOS.my – Deadly Malaysian Constructions
travel 3Sixty° – Costa Lanta
travel 3Sixty° – AVANI Sepang Goldcoast
travel 3Sixty° – Angkor Palace Resort And Spa
travel 3Sixty° – Navutu Dreams Resort And Spa
travel 3Sixty° – Belum Rainforest Resort
travel 3Sixty° – Rose Garden Hotel Yangon
travel 3Sixty° – Paradise Garden Resort Hotel
New Straits Times – Eye On The Coastline

New Straits Times – Music In Their Blood
New Straits Times – Sweet Little Lies
New Straits Times – A Ken-do Attitude
New Straits Times – Voices Of The Indigenous
New Straits Times – Time And Space Await
New Straits Times – Rays Of Hope
New Straits Times – Burning Drive