The Types Of Blog Posts You’ll See On WordPress, According To Me

Type of blog posts - A group of divers standing on the beach

So I’ve never missed a day of browsing the Reader for at least two years now, and I’ve now profiled every type of blog post with utmost discrimination, much like the TSA.

What I’ve learned is that we all fall into certain categories—archetypes if you will—and today I’m going to share them with you.

But don’t feel offended if you belong in any of these groups, because it’s all just a bit of fun. Besides, if you don’t like it, you’ve already lumped yourself into the party-pooper group, and you wouldn’t want that, right?

The quote collector

You click on these posts thinking that quote from Rumi was going to be the intro paragraph, but then the page opens and that’s it. That’s the entire post. A quote about the wound being where the light enters you.

Sometimes you get a slightly better version with multiple quotes. At least these posts allow you to scroll for a bit. Not that you’d read the entire thing though, right?

But then you also get the people who win this category—the self-quoters. Yup. Self. Quotes. Now that’s on a whole new level of quoting. You laugh now, but they could become the Lao Tzu of 2080.

He who writes every day will someday find some gold among the muck.

— Stuart Danker

The problem with quote posts? It’s that Google does a much better job than WordPress ever will. Go ahead and try searching for ‘Rumi quotes’ now. You’ll get a better overview without even needing to click into any post. 

What’s a good way for the quotes person to spice things up? The low-hanging fruit here would be to share what they think about said quotes. Because if a tree falls in WordPress and nobody’s around to hear it, then you might as well stop chopping.

Heh. I did a thing with a quote.

Type Of Blog Posts: His Holiness Dalai Lama

A Dalai Lama quote: “Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively.” Photo: Norbu Gyachung

The diarist

A good bulk of WordPress users tend to use the platform to share their personal stories with the world. These are fun to read, since you’ll get to learn about strangers’ lives from all over the world.

The downside? When the diarist records their day too dutifully, without any rhyme nor reason to their posts.

3:04 a.m. Today I pooped blood. Which was much better than pooping rainbows. Yeah, rainbows. I wonder if it’s all the Skittles I ate.

3:30 a.m. I’m tired. I need sleep.

8:40 a.m. I’m sorry I missed a few hours of updates. Hope you guys didn’t miss me too much. Off to poop again.

There are people who can craft a story of their day with a beginning, middle, and end. And then there are those who actually use WordPress as an open diary.

A better alternative for the diarist would be to first admit that they want an audience—which is why they’ve made the blog public in the first place. The next step would be to rearrange the events of their day into something with an arc, preferably with drama.

The salesperson

You’ll recognise this person the moment you land on their blog—that is if the ads and pop-up notifications don’t assault you first.

Every post is a sales pitch in disguise. Articles like The pros and cons of finding an editor end up becoming 500 words of badly-edited self compliments. You could also click on Why everybody should study medicine only to find an affiliate link for disposable gloves on Amazon.

It’s as if they’ve read the book Always Be Closing and are now applying all the learnings on their blog. If their blog was a person, they’d be Jordan Belfort and Joe Girard rolled into one.

What’s a better way to be a salesperson on WordPress? By creating actual free content without trying to sell.

For instance, I know a Malaysian nutritionist who’d actually studied all the store-bought bread’s nutritional values to help people decide which type best fits their dietary goals. I also know editors who share their journey in submitting short stories.

Now that’s much more convincing than linking to your shopping cart with every mention of the word ‘digital marketing’. The readers will always know the difference anyway.

A man holding up a machined Shinola pen

Sell me this pen. Photo: Amin Hasani

The motivational speaker

“Just choose to be positive and you will be!”

“Gratitude is all you need to cure your depression.”

“You can turn into a car and fly down the freeway.”

Quick disclaimer: I probably fall into this category, so I apologies in advance if I’ve ever sold you on useless platitudes.

But there are also people who take this to the next level, with ‘facts’ pulled out of their ass and blanket statements without any explanation to back them up.

How do I know this? Because according to research, 83% of WordPress posts involve fake data.

That’s why you get advice like “The colour red has been known to increase feelings of love, so wear a red shirt today if you’re feeling unloved!” all over WordPress, or the internet, in general.

What’s the best way for the motivational speakers to improve? By not taking themselves too seriously, and realise that their personal stories have a much better chance of improving someone’s life, compared to rehashing the articles they’ve read on Tony Robbins’s website.

The melodramatic

Life sucks. Everybody hates me. I just can’t catch a break. 

This is another category that I’m not too proud of being a part of. The whiners on WordPress refuse to see the positive in anything. Maybe they could take some advice from the motivational speakers.

Interestingly enough, I know where these people are coming from, since my own blog posts used to be nothing but complaints. 

But these people need to realise that negativity is a very tiring genre to consume, and while it’s a great way to express themselves, it’s also not the most reader-friendly.

A suggestion for the melodramatic? Turn their pain into poetry. That way, they get to be angsty and still garner an audience. Maybe even slot in a Rumi quote in the process. Win-win.

The spambots

I have no idea why these accounts exist, nor do I know why some of them copy my posts word for word and pass them off as their own.

Browse the ‘writing’ tag and you’d sometimes see various spam sites posting similar articles on ‘how to write dissertation’. These accounts are a mystery to me, much like the people who leave graffiti in public toilet cubicles.

The artists

Here you get everything from photos to knitted sweaters. Sometimes you even get a talent who can marry both illustration and words to create their own genre, and it’s amazing what you can find on WordPress sometimes.

You could stumble across a painting, comic strip, or even a face on the sidewalk. There’s no saying what you’ll come across.

Sadly, unless they’re Allie Brosh, who could disappear for years and still generate a ton of interest with a comic post on a free, non-domain website, most artists are better off posting on a more visual platform with better discovery, like Instagram.

A group of people drawing lines on walls and floors

The art scene on WordPress is pretty danged interesting. Photo: Alina Grubnyak

The reviewer

Books, art supplies, Netflix series, you have review blogs for everything these days. I have nothing to say about reviewers and am just listing this category for the sake of covering all my bases.

I give them 5 out of 5 stars.


I’ve saved the best for last. You may or may not have been mentioned in the above stereotypes, but I just thought I’d create an entire category for you, the unique yet collective being on WordPress.

You have your own stories to tell, and your life to live, and the fact that you’re here right now reading this just makes you that much more awesome, so thank you.

I guess we better end it here while we’re on a high note. Because like Albert Einstein once said, “You better quit while you’re ahead.”

He didn’t actually say that, but you should know that by now, 83% and all.

I buttered you up in that last paragraph so that you’ll claim your exclusive content in my snazzy newsletter. You’ll also receive a free guide on how to grow your blog, so don’t miss it.

221 thoughts on “The Types Of Blog Posts You’ll See On WordPress, According To Me

  1. Hilarious, observant, and accurate. A fantastic, entertaining read. This exhaustive list had me anticipating the appearance of my own personal “type,” while nearly in tears from the others. As a reviewer, it’s validating to be given 5 stars, even if in a nondescript, impersonal sort of way. So thank you for that. Also: thank you for the two links. Both appear to be excellent blogs on their own. Great work all around.


    • Aww, your comment reads like a review, and I love it. I think you may be in the running for 6/5 stars now. And personally bestowed, too! You may have shown me the way to getting more engagement, Reymund. Maybe I should create more lists that people would want to associate themselves with, lol. Anyway, thanks for your great comment!

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      • 6/5?! I’ll take it! Also: I love lists! Well, except for laundry lists, grocery lists, and any other list involving errands. But I did read somewhere that compiling information in a sequential order increases blog readership. I think the article was called “top 5 ways to generate traffic on your blog” and I think it was number 3 on the list. Alright I’m rambling now, but I do love your reply. Thanks again for sharing!

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  2. Omg! Such an accurate observation. I understand that you are just stating things the way you see it. People express themselves differently and that’s what makes a platform like WordPress an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Great post as usual:)


  3. I love this post! I guess I am mostly a “reviewer”, but I also think many people are a combination of all those. They’d share a quote sometimes, write a review or even tell about their day. I like some “artistic” people on wordpress, but, yes, they aren’t many of those.


    • Ooh yeah, from the looks of it, you ARE indeed a reviewer, so I’ll give you ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ to start things off, lol. And yeah, we’re all combinations in the end. Except maybe for the spammers.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

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  4. This was a fun post to read, but so true. I personally would say that I started sharing my philosophical thoughts, but now I’m telling short stories to whoever that wants to read it. I don’t know If I fit in one of those categories but I’ve seen a lot of posts that fit in various of those categories you mention, especially the “quotes teller” it was fun to read your post.


  5. I left Instagram to focus on WordPress… It may be easier to be discovered on Instagram but quality over quantity! I might only have 40 followers here but they actually want to follow me… People on Instagram mostly followed in attempts to get a follow-back 🙄 very few people there cared about my art or my writing.


    • That’s an interesting perspective. Yeah, I’d say that whichever platform has more people will also have more shady practices and bots. Then again, it’s always prudent to go where the people are, right? That’s cool that you have more meaningful engagement here though, because for me, WordPress is also my main channel (though I wonder what’d happen if the platform shuts down).

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    • There are a few reasons I could be guessing (though it’s hard to diagnose from one sentence).

      Either you’re browsing the Reader of the pages you follow (Followed Sites tab), or the tag you’re following is an unpopular one.

      For contrast, try searching for a topic once you click Reader. And try a popular root word, like ‘creativity’ or ‘fitness’ or whichever your niche is.

      Also, remember to sort by Date instead of Relevance if you want the latest posts.

      Hope this helps, and just let me know if you need more help!

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  6. The melodramatic! You hit the nail on the head. And I agree with what you said about motivational bloggers. As someone who considers herself to be under this category, I might not realize while writing how some of these posts are not-so-motivational, but after a while and going back to read it, some things become clearer and realistic. A sign for all motivational writers and bloggers to go back to their drawing boards, write more quality content that is different, speaks for you as a writer and that you’d be proud of.

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  7. Wow man I just love the end! 🙌 I kept ready and waiting for what you had to say about the type of content I write till I reached the very end. That was certainly very moving and inspiring!

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    • Lol, I’m glad the ending worked. Didn’t know how it was going to go, to be honest. Anyway, I think you may need to update your Gravatar account, as people may want to click on your profile to go to your page, but won’t be able to, since the link’s broken. Just a heads up!

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  8. I did read this with a slight hint of nerves… which one would I be? Turns out I’m just me on WordPress. And that’s a fine thing to be. Another enjoyable post, Stuart. You write them so nicely, I’ve just signed up for awesome content to my inbox.

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  9. This post made me laugh!

    How about a category for blogs that make people laugh?
    I’d like to write one of those but need to work on taking myself less seriously first (I sometimes manage it 😉)

    The spam bots are the worst! So are the bot comments that make no sense! I don’t get it either, does anyone have any answers? It’s very annoying, but perhaps I should stop waste my energy thinking about it and get to locating my sense of humour so I can write posts that make people laugh (laughter is a tonic after all).

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    • The bots are a bigger mystery than the origins of space and time, I find. Some say they even predate time itself. Legend has it that way back when, in the darkness of nothing, there was a robot just waiting to sell viagra and CBD, and it sat patiently till the advent of the internet before it unleashed its fury upon us.

      Or maybe I should drink less coffee.

      I’d love to read your take on humour, so please do!


  10. I recognize most of the types you’ve listed here but I have to disagree on one point – I don’t think artists are better served on sites like Instagram. A number of fine art photographers I know tried Insta and left. It may have visibility but the feed goes by way too fast for anyone who’s serious about what they’re doing. Personally, I think WP works well, as long as sales isn’t your main goal.
    Just my two cents!

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  11. Hi Stuart The quote you’ve coined here gave me a chuckle reading it. Your consistent blogging is amazing in that your topics are relevant and there are some key takeaways from your posts. Thanks for another well written post :)

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    • Lol that’s a quote from a very wise person indeed :P

      I’m so glad you find it relevant, because from over here, it does feel like I’m blabbering pointlessly sometimes.

      Always great to see you here!


  12. This is funny! And a little sad. the 83% fake data, that is. You didn’t just make that figure up, did you? :D
    As someone fairly new to blogging, I learn a lot from reading your content. Thanks!

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  14. I would have to agree with your breakdown. I can kind of see how we kinda dip our toes into multiple categories except for the ADHD special. I say this about our blog because we are all over the place but we are more like storytellers or amatur historians. Or at we like to think we we are with artistic attempts. Love you blog none the less, we all need to laugh a little

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    • Dipping toes is the way to go. Being in the no-niche niche has helped me learn so much about many things besides writing, so I’m sure it’ll do the same for you.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!


  15. With every type I read I was scared that I will realise that I fall into some silly category and should stop using WordPress. But this is such a good read with interesting topic and is very well written.

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    • Aww, thanks! And to be sure, ending up on this list isn’t bad at all, since we all belong to one niche or another. It’s just me taking the mickey out of WordPress in general. Anyway, I totally appreciate you stopping by, Amber!


  16. I’m a new blogger. Things trying to figure my way around blogging interesting blogs and I still don’t know where I fall in but I know I’m definitely not the spambot 😅😅

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    • You don’t need to belong anywhere except where you currently are. The best thing to do is to enjoy the blogging journey, so I hope you have fun here.

      Thanks so much for dropping your comment, btw. I appreciate you!


  17. Not just on wordress, these type of writers can be found in all the blogging platforms, especially in you will even find writers who answers stupid questions like, would you like to sleep with lights on or off.?

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  18. Wow first post I’ve read all the way through. It was very interesting, and i appreciate you sweetening the pot with the newsletter sign up great way to get more readers forsure, and I’ll bite, keep em coming ☺️

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    • Lol, being listed isn’t a bad thing though, since I was aiming to pigeonhole every type of article on WordPress, so there’s no escape.

      And yes, with the addition of ‘You’, there really is no escape! :P

      Thanks for stopping by!

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  19. Phewwww I am certain I don’t fall into any of those categories above the last LOL although if I do, I give your permission to tell me so I can start my rehab process! LOL (also totally agree with the spambots… I just got the spam comments… I’ve never seen my stuff copied luckily)!

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  20. 😂 🤣 Well I’m a pretty new blogger and I’m impressed with your dedication, and now I know what to look out for in myself and others! And you’ve nicely demonstrated a topic from one of my early blogs, about how our brains love categorising and organising. Hope it’s not too salesy mentioning that 😜

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    • I learn from the sales posts too, to be honest. It shows me what works and what doesn’t, as well as my likes and dislikes. I’d say you fall under the wellness category, but I’m not counting the niches I’ve missed anymore :P

      Thanks for stopping by, Christina!


  21. I have read previous posts where you talked about reviewing the reader section on WordPress. I have to admit I rarely take a look at it. So, your list here was quite informative. I guess if I had to place myself in a category it would be the last one.

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    • Aw yes, you definitely belong in the ‘you’ category for being amazing, but I’ve missed out so many other categories such as the fiction writers and the informational ones, and your blog is definitely educational!

      Thanks for your lovely support!


  22. Thank you so much Stuart for linking to me here! Wow! I’m so surprised and happy. I’ve been mostly offline this summer for many reasons but hope to be back soon! It’s interesting to reflect on my place in the pantheon of writers. I like to be honest and I also like to be private. Always a conundrum. I also like to be positive. Maybe that’s why art works. It says all the things I can’t and won’t. Your writing is so insightful and clear and enjoyable. Thank you again!

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  23. Haha Stu, I’m really not sure where I fit here! Maybe the one who hopes one day to find gold in all the muck. Certainly I hope to find and establish my own voice. Thanks again for always keeping a lookout for us and helping us figure out our writing journey the way you do! Appreciate…

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    • You already have a voice, Kelvin. Sounds pretty distinct every time I visit your blog. Now it’s just a matter of asking yourself questions on what else could benefit your blog or writing career. I do that every day and I still haven’t found the ‘one true way’, but if we listen well enough to ourselves, there are quite a bit of avenues to take, I’ve found.

      Here’s to us figuring out our writing paths together!

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  24. I loved this post thank you. I was reading and thinking…”ooh is this me?” Then the lovely surprise of …you. Yes I do hope that I blog for me. I can’t imagine my life without blogging. Thanks for sharing. (I stumbled upon your blog just 10 mins ago). 🤣

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  25. How about “the apologists?” You know, the type that apologizes for not commenting on your poop post sooner. They also apologize for not being here as if they’re not entitled to take a day off. If it were one of my buddies, I’d tell them I didn’t know they were gone.

    The best category has to be people that quote themselves. That requires a special ego, which gives me something else to apologize for. 😊

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    • Lol I think I’ve mentioned them before in previous posts. The ones who apologise for not posting the day before (I’ve done this, as if anyone’s keeping tabs on my posting schedule).

      I like the self-quoters though. At least it’s original content :P

      Always glad to see you here, Pete!


  26. Very fun post! I think I would fall under (a teacher’s) diarist & “you.” I think it was smart to end with “you” to cover all your bases 😆 because there are also poetry and creative writing blogs out there (cough, I do a bit of that), unless that would fall under artist?

    Do you do anything with the spambots that copies your posts? 🤔

    Liked by 2 people

    • Oh yeah. I definitely missed a ton of categories, which means I get to do a part two, lol.

      And you saw right through my ‘you’ scheme :P

      Nah, there’s nothing much I can do about the spambots. There are some that run my articles through a thesaurus and change a couple words in each paragraph. Weird things, those are, but I don’t really care since I’m not important enough to suffer from plagiarism.

      Thanks again for stopping by, Jennk!

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  27. well I’m not a party pooper cuz I read to the end…😎
    and I damn well hope my up close and personal posts don’t end up talking about my rainbow poop even though I did complain about my oversize toilet and my contractor last week. I would hope I leave some uplifting messages but like you say “we better quit while we’re ahead” since Albert Einstein said that….”He didn’t actually say that, but you should know by now that 83% of facts of on WordPress are fake. Lolllll 😂😂😂💖
    Great post Stuart!

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    • Lol, you’re not a party pooper nor a poop poster, so I’d say you’re well ahead, Cindy!

      I actually enjoy the personal posts, and to see how others live in different parts of the world. That’s the great thing about WordPress. Forget what I said about diarists. Unless, of course, you post about your pooping habits. Then yeah, I’m clicking the ‘x’.

      Thanks so much for your lovely messages always, Cindy. I appreciate you!

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      • Whew, I was thinking i might have to retire my shingle. I get the full poop report from my mother which is more than I can handle.. 😂😂😂
        It is fascinating to see how the world lives and relates everywhere.
        It’s always a pleasure to see what gems you have for us that never disappoints,,, Aww thank and I appreciate you! 💖💖


    • Lol, I totally forgot about fiction. But maybe that’s because I tend not to browse fiction on WordPress. Your voice seems like it belongs in a book on a store bookshelf though!

      Thanks for visiting!


    • Ha. Twitter really does have everything, doesn’t it? You get realllly long posts there too. Thankfully, I don’t go there, because I never really did catch on to that platform. Anyway, thanks for your kind words!


    • I actually enjoy diary posts from strangers too, when done correctly. Most of the time, I enjoy them because there’s an actual face behind the account. The business-y ones tend to be so impersonal, and the Reader is such a terrible place for that, lol. Anyway, thanks for stopping by, Michelle!

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  28. Love the humor and yes “poop” happens and I don’t care to read about it. Personally I avoid the following: quote collectors (Duck Duck Go does just as good a job as google (LOL)), the diarist, the sales person, the motivational speaker (really just BS artist), melodramatic, and spam bots. I would add to the list, “tyhe Poet” – just not my thing. Reviewers I am very selective about. I enjoy the artist. Anyone who takes time to actually produce something, is worth my time.

    As Ryan said, “Excellent read”

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    • Gotta love me some artists. It’s even better when they draw in mediums I love (pen and ink). As someone who’s learning to sketch, I can appreciate how an artist can capture whatever’s in their mind, because when I do the same, all I see are blobs.

      Thanks for the lovely words, Danny!

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  29. This is a very awesome write up.

    You really deserve a lot of accolades for coming up with such amazing write up.

    I actually respect you for sitting down and coming up with this.
    You’re really good at what you do.
    I look forward to see more amazing stuffs like this from you.

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  30. Stuart this is good. Really good. Funny and true.

    Unless you write persistently you will tend to fall into one of these categories. None are negative categories, per se. Unfortunately though, all seem to be 100% about the blogger and their ego and not at all about meeting the needs of their readers by solving their problems, or, by educating ’em.

    I have morphed over the years. I used to tell entertaining travel stories but publish helpful blogging tips as of late. However, the old, wild travel stories remain on my blog.

    Excellent read my friend.

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    • Oh yeah, I share a similar evolution. My beginnings were filled with edgy pieces, more so to stroke my own ego more than anything.

      Over time, I started connecting with the audience, and it become a two-way thing. It’s fun to take a trip down memory lane sometimes and read my own posts from yonder. Thanks for your comment, Ryan!


  31. I don’t think I’ve written enough blog posts to really understand which category I fall into. Other than the Artist category since that’s what I originally put my blog together for.

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    • Lol it’s not a legitimate list, so don’t worry about being in any of the categories, though I would think you’re in the artist category too. Thanks so much for stopping by, Heather!


      • Might not be legit, but you’ve definitely described a category I don’t want to be in: the selling one.


  32. I am glad that there is someone who managed to categorise WP readers column. I am curious on how certain genres garnered so many readers, ie: quote collector and artist who don’t write as much. More so, quotes that are already available on Google. Compared to my blog where I averagely spent 2-3 days drafting to zero readers. Still figuring out which genre I belong to, maybe melodramatic, maybe …genre is the reason I’m still struggling to find my audience .

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  33. Nice posts. I started blogging in 2010 when blogging was more of a thing than it is now. I probably bounce between a couple categories but recognize several of the categories and you are SPOT ON! Over the years, I’ve had bloggers click and follow only to fall into the SPAMBOT category. I started to get better at writing and ended up getting better at writing AND teaching. Stay well and safe. Peace.

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  34. I”m not a fan of poets at all. I also hate the quote collectors, because they never have anything interesting to say.

    I like reviewers, because I am one, and maybe I am a little bit of diarist, since I do write about my personal struggles and my thoughts a lot.

    Also, you forgot one category: the writer who writes about writing.

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    • Hahaha. Perhaps I should dedicate an entire post for the writer who writes about writing. Those people are the worst!

      Maybe I should write the genres I’m bad at, like poetry and reviews. Maybe that’ll teach me.

      Anyway, this one’s for you, Tanish! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


  35. This was fantastic to read! Love the dry wit and amazing humor. I have no idea which category I would fall into (probably several); but I hope that it’s the “You” category. 🤣

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  36. So what with my reviews, my fact-based advice articles and my realism journal posts that are both the positives and negatives of life, I must be keeping you pretty sweet eh, Stuart? ;)

    I’m glad to provide something worth reading though. Thank you for doing the same and thank you for reading me!

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      • Story of my life that is Stuart, I’ve never been one for fitting in lol. Dominating it, maybe literally 😂 that was too funny to read while drinking my breakfast tea! It’s funnier still because I’ve been thinking lately about whether or not there isn’t an avenue for… my old skillset, as it were, which makes it even more fitting! Not a problem at all Stuart, thank you for having me!

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  37. This was fun! I think I fall under the diarist (but not the daily hour-to-hour updates, I’ve actually never seen that yikes) and the You category 🌺 I’d like to think my blog content is original and compelling, but damn it’s hard to know what others really think. This was a super fun post, I really enjoyed!!

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  38. Thanks for this, entertaining. I was quite afraid to write and post for a long time, but now I don’t care, it’s just me and I love writing about my life and memories. I even get some people who want to read it. Who knew? Thanks my Friendly Malaysian. I have four blogs now, one for business, one where I write, one for a friend, and one for the not-so-nice memories.

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    • Oh wow, it’s interesting that you have one blog dedicated to not-so-nice memories. I wonder what that’s like.

      All my not-so-nice ones are kept stashed away, offline, and I won’t be too sorry to lose those entries either, lol. But sometimes it’s nice to go back to my sadder times in life to appreciate the present day.

      Anyway, I appreciate you stopping by!

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  39. I laughed SO freakin hard that I had actual tears streaming down my face. Firstly because I fit into almost all of these and secondly because so many WordPress posts like these annoy the hell out of me. 🤣😅 thanks for saying what we’ve ALL been thinking and thanks for making me snort chai tea up my nose in public. You rock! 🪨

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  40. Well, as someone who fell under the melodramatic category before — I wouldn’t denounce them that easily. Maybe the rants serve as a pressure valve for them so they won’t do worse things. (But still, I do agree with you that too much ranting can eventually render your wick short.)

    And for the spam bots, the best thing you can do about them is report. Unfortunately, our pleas will fall on deaf ears, as WP is a very encouraging platform for these bad actors:

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    • Lol yeah. My old posts only consisted of the melodramatic, so perhaps I needed to get those words out before I could evolve.

      Yep, not really going to think much about the spambots. It’s like trying to fight piracy. Never gonna happen. Always glad to see you here, Monch!

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