UPDATES: My Story’s Featured In A Book

Illustrations of Stuart Danker's story in Money Stories From Malaysians 2

The illustrations for my story. They really do resemble me I think. Photo: RinggitOhRinggit.com

I guess this is the first time I’m being published for my unsolicited stories (most of my published work was commissioned).

While I’ve just signed another book deal for my cyberpunk novel titled Homecoming, it’s not set to take off until April 2021 or so.

Meanwhile, enter Money Stories From Malaysians Volume 2. A book project spearheaded by one of Malaysia’s most prominent bloggers, Suraya Zainudin.

Having my article selected for publication meant a lot, because it happened during a time of raging self-doubt, after having quit my job to write Homecoming.

Now I’m writing my third novel, and still the doubts won’t abate. I keep wondering what I’d do after I’m done with it, if I’d have to return to a job of writing press releases and social media posts (which I do mind), if I’d die with 70 unpublished novels (I totally don’t mind).

But every time I find myself ruminating about my suckage, I just think about about that time Suraya chose my story from the many great ones she’d undoubtedly received.

And if one person liked my work, I’m sure that there are others out there who would. All I need to do to find out is to just. Keep. Writing.

Besides this little plug (do buy the book if you’d like to support the project, and check out Suraya’s website for awesome financial content), I just thought of putting up this update for my fellow writers who might need that little extra push. You’ll never know who’s going to like your work, so don’t give up on your passions.

And most importantly, just keep writing.

16 thoughts on “UPDATES: My Story’s Featured In A Book

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  2. I am so happy to have read your comment on about my poetry today and then read this post! I really needed the encouragement today. I’m currently compiling my 3rd book of poetry that I will self publish for Amazon. It’s important to have support and you my friend provided it for me today. Thank you😊

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