How To Grow And Maintain Your Site With These 9 Blogging Tasks

A group of people doing gardening outside flowers

Maintaining a blog means different things to different people, and ever since I started taking things seriously (circa May 2020), I’ve realised that there are a certain number of blogging tasks required to put forth a respectable front.

Sure, when I launched the site in 2014, all I ever wanted was to share my inane ramblings. Sometimes I posted once a week, sometimes once a month. I was as casual as casual got.

But like any beginning blogger, I also wanted a readership. However, it would take another six years before I actually put any effort into this blogging thing.

And while I’m nowhere near my aspirations of being the next Mark Manson, I’ve still managed to grow my engagement from something cosy to the all-time high I have today thanks to your support.

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How To Write Badass Posts, Even When You Can’t Find The Time

A clock, pen, notebook, and mobile phone, all in white

I’m probably not as busy as most of you on here, but recent obligations have been eating away at my writing time.

And these surprise attacks come from all angles too. Maybe a mentee needs an entire day’s worth of guidance. Or maybe the weeds have grown uncontrollably in the garden. Or maybe it’s work on the weekends.

Either way, my adult life is an insatiable blob that only has an appetite for my leisure time. And thus I’ve found myself having to sneak in little pockets of writing time throughout the day instead of having a dedicated hour like I’m used to.

But that’s a small problem for me, right? After all, I did put up this post about micro-writing, so all I need to do is just write, right?

As it turns out, it’s not the writing that’s the problem. It’s attention.

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