10 Blogging Mistakes You Need To Avoid Doing On WordPress

A woman showing her palm at a man's face at a beach

Okay let’s take the mickey out of serious writing and explore some things I’ve personally declared as ‘blogging mistakes you need to avoid’, thanks to the 18 or so months I’ve spent on the WordPress Reader.

Read enough blog posts and you start to see a pattern. Sometimes said patterns are pleasant, like the blogger who asks thoughtful questions at the end of their posts.

Other times, I find myself wondering if I’m turning into a WordPress geezer, yelling at people to get off my (digital) lawn.

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Why Making This Mistake Was The Best Thing I Ever Did

Mistake Falling - John Fornander

Photo: John Fornander

“Oh wow, The 2013 Tax Handbook is here!” My colleague tore through the protective film and rifled through the tome. “I wonder what’s new this year.”

“Wait,” I said. “People actually read this? I thought it was only for reference.”

“Of course! You work in auditing and you don’t?”

“Uh, don’t we look up the terms as needed?”

“Shh,” my colleague said, holding up her palm.

“Oookay… I think I’ll go do some spreadsheets now.”

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