WRITING PROMPT: Do you believe in fate?

Came across this writing prompt on Reddit and decided to try it out for the funsies. The prompt was: A cop arrives at a bridge to talk a man out of committing suicide. After they have a short conversation, the cop jumps off the bridge.


Officer Palmer drove along the bridge thinking about the events that morning. His wife had drank too much–again–but this time she was ferrying their daughter to school. Both turned to pulp after colliding with a semi. But that wasn’t what Palmer was thinking about.

He was thinking about what happened after. Upon hearing the news, he’d went home, stuck his Glock into his mouth, and cried as he feathered the trigger with trembling fingers. It took an hour and a bottle of Scotch before he worked up the courage to squeeze, but the damn thing jammed.

Well how ’bout that. Haven’t heard of Glocks jamming before.

He could’ve cleared the slide and tried again, but decided to take a drive to think it over. One near-death experience was enough for now. It wasn’t long before he spotted a stranger on the bridge. He pulled over and shouted, “Hey! Watcha doin’ there?”

“D-don’t come close! I-I’ll jump!”

You gotta be kiddin’ me.

Palmer walked towards the man and leaned over the railing. He whistled. “Quite a drop, isn’t it?”

“I-I’ve made up my mind! Just leave me!”

“You got someone back home, son? A wife?”

“W-what’s it t-to you?”

Palmer raised his right hand and showed him a ring finger. “Wedding band,” Palmer said. “I see you got one too. Any kids?”

“Two sons…”

Palmer smiled. “Tell me, son. Have you ever seen what happens to a jumper at this height?”


The officer swung one foot over the railing.

“Stay away!”

“Calm down, son. Just enjoying the view, is all.” Palmer took out a cigarette, lit it, and drew a breath. “Do you believe in fate?”

“What does all this h–”

“I want you to look very carefully,” Palmer said. He eased himself off the edge, turned around and said, “Go home to your wife and kids. They need you.”

“W-what are y–”

It took about seven seconds for the cop to reach the rocks, and another second for the sickening thud to travel back to the top of the bridge. Officer Palmer exploded, sending limbs flying metres apart from each other.

The next day’s newspaper read: Tragic accident prompts officer’s suicide. No foul play suspected.

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