You Want WordPress Tips? I’ve Got WordPress Tips.


I think Google is trying to corral the way we think. You wanna know why? Because a search on ‘WordPress tips’ returns results like ‘install Analytics’ or ‘use plug-ins’.

But what about the users among us? What if you’re blogging for fun instead of e-commerce? And do I really need Analytics if I only have 10 visitors a month?

That’s why today I’m presenting you with the old wives’ tales version of WordPress tips. We’re not going to do what big corporations tell us to, no.

Instead, we’ll be covering WordPress tips for personal bloggers, by a personal blogger.

So get your chicken soup and Vicks ready, because we’re about to dive down the WordPress equivalent of sleeping with onions in your socks.

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This Is Why I Don’t Click On Your Blog Posts


So the following post is based off my time spent in the WordPress Reader which, in the past couple of years, total up to 15,000 blogs visited (average of 20 blogs per day).

And through that time, I’ve since developed a taste for the type of posts I’d click on and enjoy.

Here’s a quick disclaimer though: I’m just one person in a very small niche, particularly in writing and self-improvement. So take the following points with a grain of salt.

But also know that if you can attract—or repel—one person, you would probably be able to do so for the rest of the WordPress community, so keep that in mind as you scroll through the list!

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10 Blogging Mistakes You Need To Avoid Doing On WordPress

A woman showing her palm at a man's face at a beach

Okay let’s take the mickey out of serious writing and explore some things I’ve personally declared as ‘blogging mistakes you need to avoid’, thanks to the 18 or so months I’ve spent on the WordPress Reader.

Read enough blog posts and you start to see a pattern. Sometimes said patterns are pleasant, like the blogger who asks thoughtful questions at the end of their posts.

Other times, I find myself wondering if I’m turning into a WordPress geezer, yelling at people to get off my (digital) lawn.

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This Is A Sucky Title But You’ll Still Click On It

Confused man looking at laptop

Photo: Bruce Mars

We’re always told to never judge a book by its cover, but we always do. We can’t help it. It’s how we survive. For instance, what goes on in your mind when a stranger approaches you in a dark alley?

First, you’d probably call yourself an idiot for wandering in dark alleys. Next, you’ll be sizing up this person to see if they’re a threat.

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