Why You Should Plan Your Days The Night Before

Plan Journal - Lauren Sauder

You know how optimistic you feel at night, and you tell yourself tomorrow’s going to be different?

Maybe you’ll wake up before sunrise for once. Maybe even go for a run. And that’s the least ambitious thing you can think of.

Then the next day rolls around and all your dreams fall victim to the snooze button, sometimes quite literally.

That tends to happen a lot when you start your day without a plan. In a previous post, I mentioned the benefits of planning your day ahead of time, and I still do believe in its powers.

My planned days unfold much smoother than my unplanned ones, for some reason. It’s almost as if the universe acknowledges my efforts to live better. There must be a magic to this. And it’s this magic that we’ll be exploring today.

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Productivity Hacks Aren’t What They’re Made Out To Be

A desk with multiple devices arranged for maximum productivity

You know what sounds cool at first glance? Productivity habits. You know how long they’re cool for? Probably two days or so.

For the past few years, I’ve adopted every hack from early wake-ups to meditation, all in the name of growth. And that has given me some fodder to discuss today’s topic.

Here’s a quick preview: It’s not about the what, but the why. Cliche, huh?

Anyway, after a long stretch of trial and error, I now present you with my thoughts on these popular hacks.

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What I’ve Learned From NOT Reaching My Goals

Man flying face down on pavement with shoes off

I used to have lofty goals. For one, I thought I’d be a millionaire by the age of 30. And I wanted to buy a pub for my parents who used to love drinking with their friends.

But my mum has since passed on and my dad’s stopped drinking, so that’s one goal out the window. And I’m nearing 40, so the before-30 goal’s out of the question too.

That’s how we arrive at my first lesson: goals never stay the same, because life never stays the same. So you best err on the side of action before your opportunities pass you by.

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Set Yourself Up For Success By Eating Your Frog In The Morning

How often do you work towards your life goals? Every day, I hope?

Here’s the follow-up question: When in your day do you pursue said goals? First thing in the morning? At night when everyone else is asleep? Or during your lunch break because that’s the only time you have?

I’m grateful to be able to write first thing in the morning, though it’s not to say I enjoy it most days. Because writing is hard, and more often than not, I’d rather not leave the warmth of comforter during those dark, cold mornings.

But some wise dude once said that you should eat your frog in the morning so that the rest of the day would seem easy in comparison, and so I do.

Is there a merit to the timing though? After all, the only thing that should matter is whether or not you eat your frog, right?

Well, let’s find out.

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Why You Need To Write With Your Internet Turned Off

How do people write without the internet?

I ask that question as if I didn’t grow up without the internet, writing stories and angsty poems with nothing but a ballpoint pen and a tattered exam pad.

I’m spoiled, is what I am. I want the ability to search for a Stoic quote to support my story, and to know which other famous authors often write without the internet. But that ability poses a certain threat.

And that’s Distraction with a capital ‘D’.

Which is why I’ve begun experimenting with internet-less drafting. And you know what? I’ve maintained a writing output of thousand words per day thanks to this technique that I shall now christen Drafting In The Dark™.

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