Why You Need To Write With Your Internet Turned Off

How do people write without the internet?

I ask that question as if I didn’t grow up without the internet, writing stories and angsty poems with nothing but a ballpoint pen and a tattered exam pad.

I’m spoiled, is what I am. I want the ability to search for a Stoic quote to support my story, and to know which other famous authors often write without the internet. But that ability poses a certain threat.

And that’s Distraction with a capital ‘D’.

Which is why I’ve begun experimenting with internet-less drafting. And you know what? I’ve maintained a writing output of thousand words per day thanks to this technique that I shall now christen Drafting In The Dark™.

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Wanna Be A Writer Wannabe? Well Do I Have The Secret Sauce For You

Dog wearing sunglasses

Photo: Josh Rakower

First off, use clickbait titles. Because if nothing else works, at least you’ll have gotten one extra click to show off to your prospective clients.

But perhaps I’m jumping the gun here. Do forgive me.

So you wanna be a writer wannabe. Not just a writer, no. You actually want to live the writer’s life without actually putting in the work. I totally get it. After all, I was a wannabe for most of my writing life, because for most of my career, my days only consisted of business articles and fluff pieces.

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NON FICTION: Time Waits For No Man

Man's silhouette looking at the stars

Photo: Greg Rakozy

The universe will end not with a bang, but with a whimper. —Neil deGrasse Tyson


Time has a weird way of passing us by—the boring and routine tend to stretch it to oblivion, yet it takes only moments for the years to pass. For me, this becomes a problem in goal setting. I write down my plans, I set the deadlines, and then I realise how long it takes to achieve them little things.

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