You’re Not Stupid, You Just Learn Differently

A woman holding a book in a library

I never cooked anything beyond instant noodles till I was about 30 years old. I did try at a younger age, but I managed to mix up cooking oil and lemon cordial. Don’t ask me how. All I remember was the confusion I got when the ‘oil’ turned sticky.

Later on in life, I gave cooking another shot, opting for fried rice this time. Again, I managed to screw that up by getting everything to stick to the pan. A non-stick pan.

Since then, I gave the kitchen a wide berth, thinking that cooking was reserved only for the select few who’d been blessed with the magic knowledge of spice and fire. The people who could effortlessly turn a slab of chicken meat into cordon bleu.

Then the pandemic happened.

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Why You Shouldn’t Pay For Writing Courses (And The One Reason Why You Should)

Sometimes, it’s tempting to outsource our learning to others, to let them tell us how to write. I know that because I’ve done it too.

I had enrolled in a distance-learning programme many moons ago, when the internet wasn’t as developed and when the learning material would come in the form of snail mail.

“Get paid at the end of the course or you get your money back!” That was their promise. Surely, it was a win-win, right?


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