Here Are Some (Not So) Secret Tips To Coming Up With More Writing Ideas

Writing Ideas Shh - Kristina Flour

Ah, the mystical topic of writing ideas. Where do they come from?

Are they really messages from the universe, ones that we pass through us like radio waves through receivers? Are they the products of our muse, spiritual beings who bestow us with their gifts at their whim and fancy? Or do we simply think our ideas into reality?

Nobody knows, really.

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8 Non-Writing Skills You Shouldn’t Forget As A Writer

Post It note that says 'Don't Forget', on a desk with mouse and keyboard

Finally, a post about writing that doesn’t involve actual writing. It’s a relief, isn’t it?

I mean, you can’t blame me for touting writing so often. It’s a given if you’re ever going to succeed as a writer.

But the dangers of taking ‘just write’ too seriously could be getting literary tunnel vision, and tunnels of any kind can be detrimental to our craft.

So what should you be doing other than putting words on paper then? Let’s start with the most important one.

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I Used AI To Write This Blog Post, And The Results May Surprise You

A cyberpunk robot in a city

Artificial intelligence is changing everything, from how we perceive the world to the way we get our lunch. In this episode, we’ll explore just how well AI can write, and what that means for us as writers. Think I wrote this intro? Think again.

I’m actually worried about my future. In fact, by actually using AI to write this post, I’m effectively watching my own career’s downfall because if you can’t tell which parts of this articles were written by a robot and which were written by me, then you should be afraid too.

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Why Using Pencils To Write May Be More Eye-Opening Than You Think

Person holding a sharp wooden pencil

As much as I recommend avoiding the romanticism of the writer’s life, I do find myself fascinated by famous authors’ creative processes.

And what better way of fuelling this fascination than by gawking over their tools of creation?

To be honest, the only reason why I have a LAMY 2000 sitting in my drawer is because Neil Gaiman uses one to draft his stories. I’ve also written on Vim to emulate George Martin’s preference for Wordstar.

But now that I’ve decided to stop blindly going down the path of tool-collecting, I’ve found myself gravitating towards simpler and cheaper options.

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