Online articles

Online articles are my jam. As someone who’d rode the transition from dial-up to fibre optics in Malaysia, the digital space has always been a medium that’s close to my heart. Writing for the web is much different than traditional publishing, but it’s something I enjoy doing—code-tweaking and image optimisation included.

My digital workflow

Each article varies, and the amount of research and writing differs from assignment to assignment. However, I do include keyword research, search engine optimisation, and a general focus on beautifying the end product, instead of merely typing in the words and hitting Publish.

Here are some of the keywords that help rank my articles on the front page of Google. Do try and search for them and see if they’re on the front page for you too.

be a coder
passive income ideas computer skills
coding bootcamp interview 
digital nomad jobs
rookie digital marketing mistakes
benefits of being a digital marketer

Alternatively, you can check out the other articles I’ve written for this medium below.

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